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Development Fraud Investigations (DFI) conducts independent and objective investigations of fraud allegations for international development (NGOs and non-profits) and contracting organizations. Other services include anti-corruption field office risk assessment analysis and procurement system reviews. Our highly experienced accounting staff is ready to assist your organization with US government accounting regulations and compliance. DFI has investigated allegations of fraud and misconduct in more than 81 countries and is uniquely qualified to handle confidential inquiries into sensitive allegations anywhere in the world. From Bangladesh to Burundi, our experience, expertise and training enables DFI to produce higher quality reports (and in a shorter time) than our competitors.

DFI’s investigators are highly motivated to help the poorest of the poor by helping to root out wrongdoing, such as theft, corruption and misappropriation.

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“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


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Use the form below to contact us with your inquiry. All information remains strictly confidential whether or not DFI is hired to investigate your matter. Please answer the basic questions as much as possible, to include who was involved, what happened, where it happened, why it happened and when did it happen.