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What We Do

Development Fraud Investigations (DFI) conducts independent and objective investigations of fraud allegations for international development organizations and contractors. Other services include international field office risk assessment analysis and procurement system reviews.  DFI also has staff to assist in complying with US government accounting regulations.  With more than 90 years of combined experience investigating allegations of misconduct in over 65 countries, DFI is uniquely qualified to handle confidential inquiries into sensitive allegations almost anywhere in the world. From Bangladesh to Burundi, our modest overhead, flexibility and tenacity enables DFI to produce high quality reports faster and less expensively than those of the competition.

DFI’s investigators are highly motivated to help the poorest of the poor by helping to root out wrongdoing, such as theft, corruption and misappropriation.



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Areas of Expertise


Our specialty is conducting high quality investigations. With our unique skills, experience and knowledge, DFI will objectively investigate allegations of fraud relating to employees, contractors or other entities associated with your organization.


Based on our extensive investigative experience of procurement irregularities, DFI can review procurement procedures to identify vulnerable practices, such as unjustified sole sourcing, conflicts of interest, a non-independent selection committee or other policies and procedures weakening the procurement system.


DFI can provide training to help employees decide when a set of circumstances rises to the level that it needs to be reported.


Statistics consistently show that organizations that provide access to an anonymous hotline uncover wrongdoing more quickly and reduce their overall losses more often than those organizations that do not. DFI has teamed with Red Flag Reporting (RFR), a premier hotline services company.  RFR economically provides anonymous reporting for your employees in up to 200 different languages, maintains a state of the art case management system, sends documentary evidence from the reporter to management and acts as an anonymous conduit between the reporter and decision-makers.


The principals of DFI are not trained auditors.  However, with our extensive experience and knowledge obtained through our investigative careers, we have the ability to effectively provide risk assessment analysis to medium and small sized organizations.


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
— Edmond Burke


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Use the form below to contact us with your inquiry. All information remains strictly confidential whether or not DFI is hired to investigate your matter. Please answer the basic questions as much as possible, to include who was involved, what happened, where it happened, why it happened and when did it happen.

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